Exchequer e-commerce enterprise level integration for both trade orders and retail sales direct to the consumer.

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The only dedicated
Exchequer Integration

Ex-Commerce is the only system designed to integrate
specifically and completely with Exchequer.
Compatible with both SQL and Pervasive

Orders taken online
can be picked in minutes

With virtual real-time synchronisation orders
and customer details will transfer to Exchequer.

All pricing and discounts
are fully synchronised

Whatever pricing and discounts are available in Exchequer
are precisely matched on the web site.

Automated customer
account creation

New customer registrations are checked against the trader list and
automatically assigned unique sequential account codes.

Secure, Responsive
and SEO optimised

A truely modern e-commerce website CMS
framework which is both flexible and powerful.
Exchequer ecommerce synchronised


Exchequer ecommerce stock quantity synchronised


Exchequer ecommerce customers synchronised

Auto Account

Exchequer ecommercentegration hosting

Hosted Website

Exchequer ecommerce responsive website layout

Mobile device

Exchequer ecommerce secure tranactions


Exchequer ecommerce search engine optimised

Fully SEO

The only e-commerce solution designed specifically for Exchequer accounting software

Ex-Commerce is the only fully featured, hosted enterprise solution that is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with your Exchequer accounting system. Ex-Commerce is fully compatible with both the SQL and Pervasive editions of Exchequer. Unlike other e-commerce platforms that exchange limited data with numerous other accounting packages, Ex-Commerce has been designed exclusively around the way Exchequer works. Exchequer customers who use other e-commerce systems live with the pain and frustration of rounding differences and attempts to try and reconcile web orders to the accounts. With Ex-Commerce there are no rounding differences and all discounts precisely match whether it be in single currency or multi currencies. No other system can match this decimal precision.

All price bands, discounts and customer settings are synchronised as a fully automated process.

Feature List

Unlimited customer support

When it comes to help and support blue sky is the limit. Ex-Commerce is founded on a desire for excellence and we offer a consultancy style approach to each and every project to make sure you get exactly what you need from your Exchequer e-commerce. We are passionate about support and make it our mission to ensure your web site performs exactly how you want it to, now and in the future, so that you can get on with running and expanding your business.


  • "Within days of going live we found we were saving up to 70 hours a week on order processing."
    Alan Hodgett
  • "We had tried other systems but Ex-Commerce is the only one that actually works."
    Reg Griggs
  • "If you have Exchequer and want online trade orders Ex-Commerce is the only real solution."
    Archie David
  • "Ex-Commerce has enabled our business to grow exponentially over the last 5 years."
    Rohan Stedman

Ex-Commerce Key Benefits

Rapid return on investment is one of the major benefits of Ex-Commerce. Within days of going live you will start to feel the real benefits of streamlined automated order processing.

Rapid return on investment

The tangible benefits of this complete Exchequer integration will quickly be evident through time saving, profitability and customer satisfaction. No more re-keying of data and wasting time duplicating tasks. Far fewer errors in data capture and a streamlined process that gives you back one of the most valuable commodities - Time! 

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Ex-Commerce fully responsive

Beautiful, fully responsive web sites

Individually designed and responsive web sites that automatically adjust to suit your customer's browsing device. From huge desktop screens to the smallest smart phone, your web site content will elegantly resize and adjust to make the best use of the space available whilst maintaining all the necessary elements to allow easy ordering.