Exchequer e-commerce enterprise level integration for both trade orders and retail sales direct to the consumer.

Advanced Plug-ins

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceMulti currency

Sell items in your customers own currency and tie this back into Exchequer via the orders and customer records. Currency settings for customers are managed in Exchequer and synchronised with the site. When a customer logs-in their currency is enabled automatically.

  • Add multiple currencies to whole site
  • Dynamic currency exchange rates updated on schedule
  • Assign currency to customers based on delivery zones
  • Process currency on payment
  • Transfer order currency values to Exchequer

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceMulti Language

True multi language support that allows you to create store fronts in any number of languages. All visible content from text and buttons to graphics, photos and the whole site skin can be translated into the language of your choice. This is not an automated on-line translator but actual native speaking, real translations.

  • Add multiple languages to your site
  • Real, native speaking human translations
  • All interface elements translated
  • Custom site graphics and images
  • Unique site skin for each language

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceSales rep ordering

This plug-in allows authorised personnel to login and place orders on behalf of registered customers. Their personal ID is stored along with the order details so it can be traced back to them.

  • Staff login
  • Customer selection
  • Place orders
  • Payment on account
  • Transfer order to Exchequer
  • Track staff placed orders

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceMultiple store fronts

If you have different brands or trading names you can set up several different store fronts each with their own domain and design or skin. Categories can be customised for each store and page content can also be different. All products are synchronised and orders are processed into the same Exchequer.

  • Multiple domains
  • Multiple design and skins
  • Different categories
  • Select products
  • Custom web page content
  • Track which site orders came from
  • Share customer login

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceCustomer loyalty points

Assign loyalty points to customers based on products bought. Points can represent monetary values which can be redeemed against future purchases.

  • Assign point values to products
  • Customer accumulates points on purchase
  • Review accumulated points in "My Account"
  • Redeem points on next purchase

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceExContact

An extended contact and address system to allow multiple contact and other details for customers and suppliers who have more than one sales or purchasing staff member in one or more locations. Customers can add addresses via the web site and they will automatically be synchronised with ExContact and made visible via an Exchequer plug-in.

  • Additional fields
  • Searchable colums
  • Automated synchronisation to web site
  • Optional postcode and address verification
  • MS SQL database

Exchequer Integration Plugin Ex-ComerceNews/Blog

An extended content management tool to create news articles like a blog. Assign articles to categories or TAGS and arrange them by date created. Full HTML control gives you unlimited text area with styling and image placement. Add links to products or other web pages.

  • HTML Articles
  • Headings & Categories
  • Image placement
  • Order by date
  • Show recent